A heartfelt personal moment shared by noreblogsallowed:

I either have direct communication with someone — I will talk, I will verbally communicate, I will use my voice, and he or she can willfully respond in the same fashion — or there will be no communication at all.

My stupid, stupid, stupid nature wants me to believe there is another way. It wants me to be submissive to the convenience of the internet. It wants me to stay enslaved under fear and hide behind the words of other people, people whom I deem more wise. … It wants me to stay timid….

I know we start to disintegrate, internally and externally, even before we are buried in soil, but I want to delay it as much as possible.

… All of the potential energy is dying to be transferred to kinetic energy. It is literally dying. Every day without the application of my energy and the improvement of my character, I am drained. I am atrophied.

I keep looking over at a magnet I have placed on my bedside lamp. It says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” The peculiar thing is I am no longer comfortable in my comfort zone. … I think life has pushed me to start living….

Every fiber of my being is both petrified and shaken. I know how easy it is to live in a bed. Laziness is a temptation. …

Whatever my energy is and can turn into, and no matter how much I have, I have a duty to respect it and to explore it. I may never become a neurologist…. It is that tiny dot of a might, like the tiny fleck of dust that I am, that deserves a nod. Neglecting it would be suicide – because, right now, all I am is a possibility.

No Reblogs Allowed: deciding to grow


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