I take a very cynical view of insurance companies. Why? Because they really do put a lot of resources (which, remember, you gave them) to avoid paying you.

I understand the theory of insurance is that everybody pools their money together so that in case, in probability space, if something happens to you in particular, there will be money in the pool for you. But I don’t think it works that way in reality.

Maybe because these mutual insurance companies get bought out by more profitable stock-insurance dragons that focus on reducing payouts. Maybe for another reason. I don’t know. But I always expect any insurance I own will pay me only a fraction of what they say they will.

It’s worth it to them to write very complicated contracts (some actuarial reason? Nope…) with lots of loopholes built in for them (the more informed party with more time and resources) and employ a small army to pick out deviations of your situation from the policy, make a complicated filing framework you may not follow, and ultimately, take legal action against you, the one who paid their profits.

Don’t buy insurance from Progressive. Instead of paying you what was agreed, they will use the resources you gave them to fight you in court.


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