Bare Bones Vi & Emacs Navigation Keys

The people who brought you man tmux decided to throw in, as a bonus, the perfect sparse intro to vi keyboard shortcuts versus emacs keyboard shortcuts.

   Function                     vi              emacs
   Back to indentation          ^               M-m
   Bottom of history            G               M-<
   Clear selection              Escape          C-g
   Copy selection               Enter           M-w
   Cursor down                  j               Down
   Cursor left                  h               Left
   Cursor right                 l               Right
   Cursor to bottom line        L
   Cursor to middle line        M               M-r
   Cursor to top line           H               M-R
   Cursor up                    k               Up
   Delete entire line           d               C-u
   Delete/Copy to end of line   D               C-k
   End of line                  $               C-e
   Go to line                   :               g
   Half page down               C-d             M-Down
   Half page up                 C-u             M-Up
   Jump forward                 f               f
   Jump to forward              t
   Jump backward                F               F
   Jump to backward             T
   Jump again                   ;               ;
   Jump again in reverse        ,               ,
   Next page                    C-f             Page down
   Next space                   W
   Next space, end of word      E
   Next word                    w
   Next word end                e               M-f
   Paste buffer                 p               C-y
   Previous page                C-b             Page up
   Previous word                b               M-b
   Previous space               B
   Quit mode                    q               Escape
   Rectangle toggle             v               R
   Scroll down                  C-Down or C-e   C-Down
   Scroll up                    C-Up or C-y     C-Up
   Search again                 n               n
   Search again in reverse      N               N
   Search backward              ?               C-r
   Search forward               /               C-s
   Start of line                0               C-a
   Start selection              Space           C-Space
   Top of history               g               M->
   Transpose chars              xp              C-t

Thanks, Nicholas Marriott ⟨⟩!


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