Components of internet traffic 1995-2005

via proofmathisbeautiful, un, infoneer-pulse, byWired:

“the center of gravity of … media … is moving to a post-HTML environment,” we promised nearly a decade and half ago. The examples of the time were a bit silly — a “3-D furry-muckers VR space” and “headlines sent to a pager”…

  • Look how much DNS requests used to take up!
  • Also surprised email isn’t more of the traffic now. I guess this is measured in terms of bytes rather than in ℓ₀ terms: number of

I remember how in the late 90’s people would speculate that everyone would become a co-creator (in fact big-money books were written to this theme). But maybe the lesson is that there are a relatively small number of passionate artists and artisans trying to get the word out about their stuff, and well-organised corps are very good at getting us to pay attention to certain art and not other art—although “viral” is a fairly chaotic a Wild West, certainly more so than three-channel broadcast. The “peer-to-peer” category I interpret as people trading albums and movies by the top artists. The picture doesn’t go up until 2010 but I think big corps have made inroads into the fuchsia video band by now.

One more mathematical observation about this chart: the total amount of traffic obviously exploded during 1995-2005 but we see a constant height on the graph. So that’s like “modulo size changes”aka the familiar


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