A few weeks ago a relation of mine (in his early 50’s) met up with a far-flung friend from high school. The friend is apparently a multimillionaire from making some computer game company. Multiple houses in beautiful parts of the country. But also has a terminal illness. I think something M.S.-related. It is at least debilitative as well as terminal. I keep thinking about their meeting. The friend I’ve never met nor spoken to so it’s just imagination on my part.

What would I want to say at the end of my life? How do you look at someone who is going to continue on—perhaps in not so rico a fashion as one would dream of for oneself—but carry on forward past the end of me. What do you talk about? What really mattered—or what matters to you at that point?

I can’t exactly express what I feel about it. I just keep thinking about this person looking back on his life. One last meeting with an old friend.





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