I guess when most people hear the word “logic”, they think of

  • cold shoulders
  • loveless robots
  • a not-quite-rational preoccupation with principles, propositions, facts, and categorical truths over people, feelings, subjective impressions
  • making the wrong decision by thinking in straight lines

    instead of reaction clouds and propagation networks and games and what-he-thinks-she-thinks-I-know and things that swirl or squish

But when I hear the word “logic”, I think of

  • the beautiful scrivenings of academics who have worked out the shapes of network relations, time & causality, Boolean algebra; untangled modality and self-reference;
  • the complete classification of all finite simple groups. This is a feat so massive that I have trouble describing its hugeness. It’s like, we pathetic worms called human beings have uncovered something real and unerring and definite and complete about the Universe. Not just our universe, but any possible universe. We’ve uncovered laws that constrain even G–d.
  • I remember looking out over a field of grasses wavering in the wind, a vector field billowing like waves of water, and thinking back on a talk by Stephen Wolfram.

    Everything is computation, he said. I saw in my mind’s eye the bits of wind and of grass digitised—not necessarily in Q*bert blocks,
    but in a dynamic and skeletal topology.

    Ko's Octahedral relation-2

    Conway’s Game of Life
    playing out at a femto scale—the bits of air blowing on the bits of grain, the grains reacting back; the chromoclouds dynamically crunching their numbers in Douglas Noël Adams’ Monte Carlo simulation to compute the question whose answer is 42; the photo-rods −ct of timespace digitally passing into my retina, lighting off neural logics;

    muscles contracting only at the micro scale because their chemical pathways each consist of thousands of nanoscale back-and-forths;
    Listen to the doctor

Kidney, this time with ions and color. Its a whole crazy world down there. This is one of the thousands of small tubes that urine moves along on its way through the kidney, with all these transport proteins (little circles) and ion channels embedded in the membrane walls to move different things in and out.

    phospholipid cell-walls digitally repelling or allowing the chemicals for the micro breathers that make me up (and yet don’t—fuzzy logic? help?)

  • in short, Logic as the Hand of G-d, making everything in the Universe.
—Henri Poincaré
File:Bronchial anatomy.jpg

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