The reporter’s voice singing the prosody of her profession, we are notified of several facts: millionaire, Wall Street, financial ruin, arson, scuba suit, Mount Everest.

  • Noun (phrase) used to identify victim of suicide: outdoor enthusiast.
  • Method of execution: cyanide pills.
  • Number of eyewitnesses to Marin’s death throes: more than five.
  • Ashamed that I watched such a private moment on camera?: Maybe.
  • Disgusted that I want to watch it again?: Not really.
  • Reasons for interest: [1] fascination with death [2] examining my own empathy / sympathy / lack thereof [3] the media made me watch it [4] the expression on the face of a man who has just decided to take his own life [5] videotape of physical act which begins the process of self-murder.
  • First comment by a G+ acquaintance: “Justice served? or averted?” Anti-Wall Street sentiment.
  • My feeling: Who cares? I hate to see someone at that level of suffering.

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